Miles Label Co. Production Capabilites

Our friendly professional staff will do everything possible to accommodate our customers’ needs for label printing services. We can handle everything — from the smallest to the largest of label projects and from computer, UL labels to continuous, piggyback and individual labels. Our label printing services also include eight-color capabilities with foil stamping as one of the colors with UV coatings and four-color process printing, along with one color short and long runs.

Flexographic Plate Machine

  • In house flexographic plate making
  • We now use water-wash plate processing and eliminated the need for solvents
  • ESKO Digital plate imaging and ASAHI Plate Processor
  • Powered by ESKO FLEXRip, boostX, screenX, imageX, and trapX

Full Pre-Press/Art Department

  • Adobe® Illustrator CC
  • Adobe® Photoshop CC
  • Adobe® InDesign CC
  • Adobe® Acrobat DC CC
  • ESKO BoostX for enhanced editing capabilities
  • ESKO Variable Data and Barcodes
  • ESKO / HP SmartStream Digital Front End
  • Microsoft Office 365

13" Mark Andy P7 6 color press

17" Mark Andy P7 8 color press

13" M.A. P7 6 color press

17" M.A. P7 8 color press

AZ-Tech QC finshing machine

             In Q1/Q2 2021 we’ll be adding Vision Inspection on our finishing units for quality assurance on every label we produce

HP 6900 Digital Press