See How Animals May Influence Advertising

When you are designing a label for a product, it is important to make sure that you include subject matter or patterns that catch the eye of your consumer. Cute animals are sure to get noticed on the shelf, and an animal logo may help you to sell more items. If an animal is an appropriate mascot for your product or brand, you may want to incorporate a furry friend on your next logo design. Let’s take a closer look at some ways that different animals can affect advertising.


Exotic Animals

Exotic animals can be used to advertise luxury goods, food items, and a variety of other products. The Coca Cola polar bear, for example, has been a long-standing symbol for the brand. When you include wild animals on your packaging, you can provide your products with a sense of luxury, elegance, and the unexpected. Eye-catching animals, such as zebras or leopards, can also provide you with graphic elements for your label design.


Cats or Dogs

If you want your products to seem comforting or familiar, you may want to consider including cats or dogs on your packaging label. Puppies or kittens, in particular, have been shown to create an emotional response in consumers. You can also use cats or dogs to make your products more appealing to younger children.


Aquatic Species

Various aquatic species, such as fish, dolphins, and whales, are terrific additions to packaging or labels. Any type of animal that lives in the ocean can symbolize imagination, creativity, or the unknown. More dramatic species, such as sharks or octopi, can help your product really stand out when it is placed on the shelf.


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