See the Hidden Messages and Their Meanings in These Famous Logos

When you create a label for your brand’s products or packaging, you will want to make a design that sends a powerful message about your business. Throughout the decades, many of the world’s most successful companies have used hidden messages to signal important meanings. To help you think of a unique concept for your label and logo design, here is a look at some of the most famous hidden messages that can be seen in company logos.



The FedEx company was able to use graphic design signals to send a message about their speedy delivery services. Between the E and the X in FedEX, you will notice an arrow that is created by the unique structure of the typeface. This logo uses the pointed arrow to demonstrate the efficiency and productivity of the global FedEx brand.



Amazon was able to use hidden messages to display their company’s philosophy. When you take a look at the Amazon logo, you will notice a yellow arrow that underlines the typeface. This arrow points from A to Z, which symbolizes the vast number of products that are offered by Amazon. The curved shape of the arrow, along with its yellow color, also creates a sense of friendliness.



When creating their company’s logo, Cisco was inspired by both their products and their place of origin. Above the word Cisco, you will notice a series of vertical lines. These lines look like electromagnetic energy, which is related to Cisco’s key products. When shaping the lines, Cisco also drew inspiration from the San Francisco skyline.


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