How to Make Sure Your Labels Meet Legal Standards

When you put in a print order for a product label, you’ll be printing many copies at the same time. That’s why you need to make sure the label is perfect before you get the process underway. If your label doesn’t comply with legal regulations, your business will be subject to ramifications. Research the laws that apply to your specific industry, and find a printing company that can help. Continue reading and learn how to make sure your labels meet legal standards.

Know Your Industry
Labels are what customers use to learn about the products they’re looking at before they choose one to purchase. As such, they must be up to legal standards so that the public is accurately informed about a given product. The laws governing the elements that must be included on a label before it can be put on a shelf vary from industry to industry, so food labels and clothing labels are held to different standards.

Do Your Research
You’re probably familiar with the legal standards your labels need to follow if you’ve ordered labels before, but the rules change all the time. Keep up with the changes in product labeling rules across different industries, and you’ll realize that they’re always evolving. Don’t put in an order for a thousand labels before double checking that the rules are still the same.

Use a Professional Company
Information that’s required to appear on your label should be legible. By working with a professional printer, you can make it easy for consumers to quickly understand what kind of product they’re looking at.

By understanding the legal standards that your products are held to, you can avoid losing money and having to reprint your labels. The Miles Label team offers professional printing services that help your products attract attention. Give us a call at (800) 331-1897 or learn more about us by checking out our website.